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September 5th, 2019: Updates From The Couch of 106...

This entry is an update regarding the future of In Progress With Kyle Odefey. Check it out!!


From left to right: Braden, Zach, and myself after a film shoot - April 11th, 2019

(I didn't have a good shot of the couch...but these are my roommates for the semester!)

You'd think I'd enjoy working at a desk in my apartment more than a decent-sized couch in the middle of our living room space. That's where you're wrong!

So, In Progress has reached it's ninth entry this week. I'm still incredibly surprised that I've managed to keep this blog going strong, despite the changes that have occurred over the last two weeks. I've moved around quite a bit and have been scrambling to find the best time to work on these entries...plus juggling everything else happening socially and academically. Time continues to slip on by and I move with it. Here's what I've been up to recently:

- I was employed to do freelance work with a Live-Broadcast company based in the Fargo-Moorhead area

- I've been working with a group to create a video project for the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre

- One of my classes requires me to plan a mock-exhibition based around media curation, so I've been brainstorming a lot of different ideas for what's possible...

- My music interests have gotten so high that I'm about to start learning Piano (wish me luck!!)

- I'm in the process of finalizing travel plans for my time abroad

- My roommates and I are watching plenty of movies together...go watch The Peanut Butter Falcon!

- I'm finishing up a pretty sweet short film and planning out a few more...stay tuned...

- I can't think of anything new for the blog!! Help!!

The truth is, writing weekly In Progress entries has gotten pretty hard to do. I still love taking time out of my week to talk about my adventures, but feel that I'm running dry on what to talk about. That being said...In Progress With Kyle Odefey will be steering away from the weekly Friday entries and will instead be released whenever I have the time to write.

The biggest thing to take out of this update is that my writing won't be as frequent as the last nine weeks have been. I'm actually anticipating my entries will be heavily spaced out moving forward...and that's probably a good thing (The more there is to talk about, the better!). Spaced out entries means longer, more fleshed out entries that will really dive into what In Progress is all about. Plus, I won't have to scramble to come up with something to talk about every week!

Thanks for taking the time to read or listen to my work throughout this summer. I'm very appreciative of those who have supported my efforts. I'll be writing more as the fall semester continues...just keep checking in every few weeks! Lots more stories ahead.

All the best,

- K.O.

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