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August 2nd, 2019: Late Summertime Reflections

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

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Before I get into this extremely long entry, I just wanted to let you know that this will be the last entry I post about on social media. I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of advertising my work nowadays, and at this point, I strongly feel that those who care about my work will find ways to follow it on their own terms. I might get into my thoughts on advertising and promotions in a later entry, but know right now that if you want to read or listen to these entries, you'll have to go to my website to get to them. Otherwise, you can sign up for an email notification when a new post is released. You can do so by checking out the In Progress Newsletter section on at the bottom of the main page, which can be found here. All you need is your email address and you're good to go! Thanks a ton!


It's August of 2019. Let that sink in for a moment...

The month of August has always been one of mixed feelings for me. For starters, there's the seamlessly inevitable realization that summer is coming to a close and that Winter* will be approaching fast. As someone who's still in college, you also have that looming presence of change...that feeling when a new chapter of your education is about to start. While you'll still be in a place that you've grown comfortable in, there's going to be a variety of new stories, adventures, and people to encounter. Sometimes, that can be an exciting feeling. Other times...not so much.

August for me means heading back to school in about three weeks. Am I excited to go back to MSUM for my third year? Short answer: Yes. Long Answer: Yes...although I don't really have any interest in going back so soon. The issue is that this particular summer has been one of the best summers I've had in years. Doing what I love while working for an amazing company in a city I could actually see myself settle down in? In Minnesota, of all places? How???

Previous summers (specifically around this time) have been very different: After spending the majority of my time working at a grocery store and doing some freelance video work, I spent the first few days of August 2018 in Los Angeles, California - the first time I had ever visited the city and the state before. I walked down Hollywood boulevard and watched Jimmy Kimmel interview Betty Gilpin and P Diddy (otherwise known as Sean Combs). I visited the Griffith Observatory and checked out other cities nearby, like San Diego, Carlsbad, and Las Vegas in Nevada. This trip was incredibly important to me, as it signified the end of working a service job and the beginning of my second year of college (I returned to Moorhead nearly a week after the trip ended). While the summer was a decent endeavor into creating a freelance business, I could not have been more excited to return to Moorhead - mentoring students, meeting a variety of new people, and making plenty of new short films to showcase. I wanted to go back more than ever.

Image captured by yours truly - August 1st, 2018

Two years ago, in early August of 2017, I traveled in Greece and Italy on a European vacation with my family. I visited Rome, Venice, Santorini, Montenegro, and Athens while cruising around on the Mediterranean Sea. Again, the trip proved to be another turning point in my summer; I had been doing volunteer work from June-July and was not working for profit. While volunteering was a great endeavor, I realized I wanted to get away from my usual surroundings and find a totally new place to go. Moorhead was the end destination, and I would be arriving only a few weeks after our travels in Europe. College at that point proved to be incredibly exciting, as it was something I had never experienced before. The feeling of starting over in a brand new place was a little scary, but exciting nonetheless. I was ready for a change in pace.

The Kyle Makes Other Things European Vacation Vlog Special Teaser (one of my favorite projects I've ever created - check it out!)

As you can probably tell, August is a very common time for my family to go on vacation. Besides the point, though - each vacation, while incredibly special, has always marked a point of change. It's a signifying moment that a new adventure is about to start.

This year, I find myself not on vacation but instead working extra hours to make some extra money (116 hours clocked over the last two weeks, in case you were wondering). This new workflow of getting up every morning to go work on projects in studio and out is incredible. It's a full time job for the summer, yes, but it's not grueling work. If anything, the job is immensely fun.

And yet, the internship is coming to a close in a few short weeks. The position is temporary. I can't get into the videography workforce quite yet...and honestly, I'm a little bummed about that. Don't get me wrong: going to college is incredibly important and I need to finish my education before I truly get going on my goals and expectations, but when you get so comfortable doing what you love in a place you really enjoy, breaking out of that habit is really hard to do.

But I shouldn't complain. I still have a few more weeks to go. And when I do return to Moorhead this fall, I'll have plenty of new stories to share. I am incredibly thankful for the time I still have left doing this work, as well as what's to come this fall. Change is inevitable. Sometimes, we just have to embrace it.

*Fall doesn't exist in Minnesota. It's a known fact.


What's Jammin'?

Top Song of the Week: Let It Be (Live) by Paul McCartney (Originally Released 1970 on "Let it Be" by The Beatles)

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a pretty big fan of The Beatles, as well as each member's solo career. George Harrison is hands-down my favorite Beatle, but I do really appreciate the writing and composition of Paul McCartney. In 2009, McCartney performed an extravagant inaugural concert for New York's Citi Field to a crowd of thousands. While performing many of his trademark songs from his solo career, McCartney also played a few songs from his Beatle days. Let It Be was one of them.

This version, from the live performance at Citi Field on the Good Evening New York City album, is a powerful rendition of the classic song. McCartney's vocals are incredibly strong and uplifting, though not commanding. The band digs into the roots of what makes the song so special. You could definitely say it's emotional. McCartney doesn't hold back, and it shows. It's just the kind of track that makes you smile.

No Top Album of the Week today. Instead...

Top Lyrics of the Week:

Always be a good boy Don't ever play with guns

But I shot a man in Reno Just to watch him die When I hear that whistle blowin' I hang my head and cry

- Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (originally released 1955)


At The Movies!

Image via Paramount Pictures

Top Movie of the Week: Hugo (Directed by Martin Scorsese, Released 2011)

This film is magical and all around beautiful. Everything from the atmosphere to the writing to the color grading...it's a solid piece that does a great job introducing younger audiences to the world of classic cinema.

Would have been perfect if it was a French production, though.


Long entry today. Goodness!!

Thanks for reading. And for those dedicated readers...a special thank you to you!

See you next Friday.

- K.O.

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