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August 30th, 2019: Semester Five

Quick update on the In Progress format moving forward...now that I'm back at MSUM, my time spent working on blogs will be limited. I had a very solid formula when it came to writing blogs this summer, but now I need to readjust to a very different situation. That being said, the Podcast versions of In Progress will be put on hold until I can comfortably throw them into my schedule. I have the equipment to record...I just need to block off some time each week to make the Podcast Versions happen!! I'll make sure to figure something out soon. Onward to the entry...

Kyle Plays Virtual Reality on the Oculus Quest...August 29th, 2019

I can't believe I'm saying this...but I'm back at Minnesota State University Moorhead for my fifth semester.

Two years ago, I entered MSUM's campus with a very excited energy...this feeling of wonder and curiosity as to where I could find myself in a few months time. How someone so generally reserved would operate among a sea of incoming and previously established film students. There weren't any nerves, mind you - it was just this feeling of starting fresh. How would that affect me in the long run?

Honest answer: Starting fresh was just the thing I needed. It couldn't have been more pivotal then.

I was exposed to a variety of different students and professors from all sorts of backgrounds and families. I got to collaborate and engage with people who had similar interests. I formed clubs and organizations, made short films that went beyond anything I had done prior, and really came into my own being while getting away from a hometown that could only really offer me a starting point for a larger adventure ahead.

That larger adventure - specifically, the college adventure - is halfway over. I still have another full year after this one to complete my film major and move on to whatever I decide to do next. It's crazy to fathom that...I'm halfway through this part of my life. It all goes by so quickly (incredibly fast when you stop and think about it). But the growth of who I've become since I first stepped on this campus stands out among everything else.

Semester Five marks the beginning of a very different approach on college. A very different approach on how my time is spent, what I'm working on, how I approach challenges, etc. These last two years, believe it or not, have been very similar in how the academic year functions. It's all about what happens when...the routine of how I go about each year. I won't get into specifics, but I can attest that there have been some major flaws to how I've experienced the last two years of college (while my Freshman year had ups and downs, my Sophomore year at MSUM proved to be an utter mess).

This year, I'm taking a step back. I'm going back to basics on a lot of different scenarios and overall taking care of myself in every way possible. Some previous responsibilities have been tossed out the window in favor of new ones...better ones. It's all been a matter of making sure I do the best I can in every way, shape, and form.

There's a lot ahead as I venture into my Junior year of college. A few months at MSUM and a few months overseas. It's all incredibly enthralling. I just need to make sure I'm ready for anything and everything that's thrown my way.

Verdict of the Week: This fall is going to be a crazy adventure. I'm genuinely excited to see what's in store as my Semester begins...

What's Jammin'?

Top Song of the Week: Sour Milk Sea by Jackie Lomax - Released 1968

A hidden gem from 1969! This one's a hard rock ballad on making sure you're in a better spot and not drowning in misery. George Harrison wrote this tune during his time with the Beatles and it's truly a catchy piece to listen to. One of the best songs I've found recently. Highly recommend.

No Top Album of the Week for Today.

At The Movies!

Top Movie of the Week: Blade Runner 2049 - Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Released 2017

One of my favorite movies of all time. With some of the most beautiful shots I've ever seen, concepts that truly make you think, and a story that's simple yet utterly complex, "2049" manages to grab audiences and keep them engaged for the entire runtime (almost 3 hours!!). It's always great to revisit this amazing film. Highly recommend.

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures


Thanks for reading. Sorry for the shorter entry...balancing out this new schedule has been difficult!!

See you next Friday.

- K.O.

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