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August 23rd, 2019: Adios, Internship!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Yours truly assisting on a BMI Video...July 22nd, 2019

I want you to imagine something for a moment. It won't be very hard - I promise!

Imagine that you are sitting inside a scorching hot non-air conditioned room with one very large window overlooking a parking lot. The walls are white, filled with holes and strange edges. Two bunk beds tower over you as you sit at a small desk, staring at a computer screen, trying to find a way to get out of this furnace of a room for your own sanity. You've tried so many different options of getting out, yet nothing has seemed to work. Time continues to slip on by as you feel somewhat hopeless about your situation. You want to get out of here...but how?

Let me tell you about the Internship that changed everything....I'm not kidding!:

My summer started out very poorly. After completing a very difficult year of college, I was left to find a way out of Moorhead, Minnesota for the summer. There was no going home for yours truly. I either had to find work in the F-M area or acquire a job elsewhere. Keep in mind that my transportation was incredibly limited...no car, no bike...just the soles of my feet to get me around. No other options available besides taking a less-than-stellar public bus system. For the first time in a very long time, I was being pushed into a box I did not feel comfortable in. I needed to get out of that box, and unfortunately, that didn't happen right away.

By early June, I had been residing in a dormitory on the MSUM campus for far too long. Interaction was minimal. No other humans around. Most of my time spent in the dorms was reserved for watching movies or playing video games (Sometimes, I'd watch two to four films a day - not a good thing to do). My sleep schedule was an utter mess, my rent was incredibly high, and there was no money coming in from anywhere. I started to realize the fate I could run into if I didn't have a stable job in the future...the grave mentality of it all. Nothing about the situation was worth being excited about, and nothing seemed to improve. It was not a great time.

Throughout the months of May and June, I searched tirelessly for internship opportunities related to film production. Considering I had already worked with a few clients in the past, I knew an internship would be a great option to pursue. The only issue is how competitive most internships tend to be. You either have to know someone in a company or pray you can be noticed in a sea of ten to a thousand applicants. Fun fact: I applied for roughly fifty different Video Production Internships through the spring-early summer months of 2019. The majority either declined my application or left me with no follow-up response.

One Friday in Mid-June, just as I was about to start working at a local grocery store, I stumbled upon an videography internship opportunity based in Mankato, MN, of all places. The internship, through a company known as Bolton & Menk, was hiring a studio production intern for the remaining summer months. By this point in the summer, most companies already hired their interns, so the fact a company was looking for one so late in the game was strange to me. I applied that afternoon and didn't think much of it.

That weekend, I spent most of my time preparing for this new grocery store job and getting food items to last me for about three to four weeks. By this point in my summer, I was 85% sure that I would be stuck in Moorhead for the rest of the summer...and in turn for the rest of the year. Leaving seemed nearly impossible. I had nearly lost faith, until...

Monday afternoon, after my first day at the grocery store, I recieved a call and email from Bolton & Menk! They wanted to interview me! It seemed impossible, yet exciting. Could I actually nail this interview and move to Mankato? Could I get out of Moorhead and save my sanity? Would my summer turn around for the better?

If you've followed everything I've been up to since, well...you know the rest. After a very successful interview, I was brought on as a member of Bolton & Menk Studios for the months of June-August. I moved out of Moorhead and into a house in Mankato with a wonderful family. I got a car to travel around in, and I started making my summer much more impactful. My life flipped on its head in every single way.

It has been just about nine weeks since I arrived in Mankato. As of tomorrow, I'll be moving back home for a day and then immediately back to Moorhead to begin my Junior year of college. My internship is now coming to a close. Today, August 23rd, is my last full day at the Studio. It's a day I've been dreading, in all honesty...I don't want to say goodbye.

It's not easy to leave behind a place that's valued my skills and really taken me on as a member of a small team. I've made so many great connections through work and throughout the Mankato community. Plus, I've been able to figure out what my career goals will be in a few year's time. Everything has been so eye opening for me. It's crazy just how much I've learned...

I have to seriously thank my co-workers and friends at the BMI for taking me on board at a time that could not be more desolate. The time I've spent making an array of projects has been challenging, engaging, and even stressful...yet rewarding all the same. The people I've met, the places I've visited, and the adventures I've had have all been incredible. I am immensely thankful for where I've ended up today and I'm excited to see how this experience shapes my future for years and years to come.

Verdict of the week: Never give up. Life can be incredibly difficult sometimes, and we don't always see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you push yourself for success, you'll receive it in the unlikeliest of places. As long as you keep your head held high and do what you can to benefit yourself, good things will come!

P.S. - Although my time in Mankato is coming to a close, In Progress will continue. Many more stories to follow as we venture into another academic year...


What's Jammin'?

Top Song of the Week: I Me Mine, by The Beatles - Released 1970

A mix of hardcore 60s Rock and Waltz, I Me Mine, penned by George Harrison, is truly a wonderful ballad rooted in chaos and confusion. Written at the end of The Beatles lifespan, Harrison holds little regard for his bandmates - the lyrics are sung with this quiet rage and anguish. It's a very intriguing piece for the sake of balancing out two completely different styles. Definitely something to check out!

No Top Album of the Week for today. At The Movies will also be put on hold until next week. It's a busy day today and I don't have too much time to write!!

Thanks for reading. It's been an incredible summer. I can't wait to see what's in store for this fall.

See you next Friday.

- K.O.

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