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August 16th, 2019: Writing is Hard!!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

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From "two thousand nineteen" - January 1st, 2019

Today marks the sixth blog entry of In Progress With Kyle Odefey. While this project certainly isn't the longest one I've worked on*, it's a project that I've really come to appreciate in it's entirety.

Working on the blog has been fun so far. I'm glad I've found an avenue that makes me content with sharing some of my stories. I'm also really glad I have an audience that reads and listens to them, too! It makes me feel really great about the time I spend writing and recording these entries.

But there are some days where I seriously have no idea on what to write about. Today happens to be one of those days.

You might be surprised to know that creating these blogs takes me nearly two days to complete each week. I usually spend the majority of Wednesday afternoon/evening coming up with a general draft and Thursday evening finalizing what I've written. Thursday is also reserved for recording each entry, as well as editing the Podcast Version to be clean and concise for listening. Friday, of course, is release day.

I try my hardest to have an idea nailed down for the blog by Wednesday night. A few of the more recent entries have been much more of a scramble, though, with most of my Thursday evenings going towards writing and recording the entries for a Friday release. I've even had a few weeks where I've scrapped nearly finished entries for something completely different - all at the last minute.

Yet, writing has proven to be an act of self-care and better understanding of the person I'm becoming. I’ve used it to help make my thoughts and ideas on life coherent. I’ve also used it to heal when feeling low or unhealthy, or just downright confused about my place in this world. It’s like a pathway to a better understanding of who I am right now, in the mental mindset of what makes me human. I really like writing because of that. I'm able to explore all of the avenues of my life and learn from it. This is why the In Progress project has been such a fun endeavor to work on each week.

Like I mentioned before, though...sometimes you just don't know what to write about. That can be incredibly tough for a storyteller like yours truly. Allow me to elaborate:

Writing for the screen is a very hard process. Believe it or not, but I've actually had a very hard time writing new short films recently...and that's coming from someone who's released not one, not two...but six different pieces this year. I got so lost trying to write a script for one of my newest pieces that I brought on a friend of mine to write it with me (legendary MSUM collaborator and friend Zachary Howatt, in case you were wondering - we're in the final stages of writing the piece now).

Sometimes, it's very difficult to just...sit down and write whatever comes to mind for a script. Finding the right words to say, building the characters the way you want them to be...it can be a very lengthy process. I really have to be in the mood to create a story that means so much to me. If I'm not super engaged with the story I'm trying to tell...things get pretty difficult. Writer's block kicks in and I'm stuck for a couple of days/weeks/months trying to sort out how I can continue working on my magnum-opus. It's never fun to deal with that.

And then you take in projects like In Progress, where my goal is to release a new blog every week!! Trust me when I say I love writing these entries, but goodness...it's a process.

So, Verdict of the week: I love writing and plan to continue to do so for as long as possible. It's not always easy to come up with new stories and ideas to share, but when the creative juices are flowing...expect great things.

And, in case you were wondering...there are plenty of new K.O.D.S. projects coming this fall. Stay tuned, folks...

*If I had to guess, I've spent the most time working on the Kyle Makes Other Things project. Something I'm currently trying to figure out how to revive...just you wait!!


What's Jammin'?

Top Song of the Week: Fire on High by the Electric Light Orchestra - Released 1975

Time to seriously confuse you with my music tastes. ELO's opening track to their fifth studio album, Face the Music, starts off with a nearly distasteful collective of sounds: An orchestra straight out of a horror movie, strange backwards recordings, out of place running in a corridor, and a chorus that's more haunting than uplifting. And then...everything transitions into a very groovy and well-paced rock ballad that is solid in every regard. Honestly, the whole song (including the avant-garde-influenced opening) really does convey a strong emotion of both fear, hope, and perseverance. This is what you'd call a song-journey. It's a tale in itself. If you're a fan of Rush's 2112 album, released a year later in 1976...you'll get a kick out of this.

No top album of the week for today. Already under a considerable amount of crunch time!!


At The Movies!

Image Via Columbia Pictures

Top Movie of the Week: Groundhog Day - Directed by Harold Ramis, Released 1993

Groundhog Day was one of those movies I had never fully seen up until this week. I watched the film on a limb a few nights ago and was incredibly impressed with the concepts of immortality, character, and change of heart. It's a movie that goes a lot deeper than you think...and that's always fun to witness on screen. Bill Murray has an excellent role and makes the character of Phil Connors very believable and funny to watch. Verdict: Time loops are crazy, man...highly recommend.


Thanks for reading. Trust me when I say I know what I'll be covering next week...

See you next Friday!

- K.O.

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