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July 12th, 2019: Alive and Well

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Want to listen to this entry? Check out the Podcast Version of "Alive and Well" Here!!

Hi there! My name is Kyle Odefey, and if you're reading this, I am extremely grateful.

Welcome to the first entry of my new blog titled In Progress with Kyle Odefey. This will be a weekly blog dedicated to discussion and conversation about my life and it's adventures. I'll be posting a new entry every Friday, so make sure to check back each week to read about what's new!!

Additionally, if you'd prefer to listen to these entries instead of read them, I'll be making a podcast version as a companion piece. See above for the link.

I'm sure that if you've found yourself on this page today, you must be a close family member or friend. If that's the case - thank you for taking some time out of your day to check this out. Perhaps I'm wrong, though...maybe you're an acquaintance of some sort - or maybe a person trying to snoop on me for whatever reason. Did I ask you out on a date and you want to know more about me?? Are you someone I knew in High School that wants to know what I've been up to after all these years?? Are you one of those people that hates my guts and think I'm an arrogant and self-obsessed filmmaker?? Trust me, those people exist.

Whoever you might be, know that I am glad you are here. It's not easy to start up a blogging site in 2019, considering there are so many avenues of media to utilize nowadays. I've tried my hand at so many different ways of communication over the years, and finding a platform to stick to has been difficult. For example...

Back in March of 2017, I started up my very own daily vlog channel (youtube.com/kylemakesotherthings) as an experiment - just to see if I could maintain a video schedule and deliver meaningful content to my friends and peers. The end result was a grand total of 70 episodes from March 31st to June 8th, focused on music, movies, and television - with the occasional guest appearance from friend and collaborator Michael Castillo every Thursday. Even after a few vlog specials and an ill-fated "Second Season", I slowly began to realize that creating meaningful content is difficult...and that daily vlogs wouldn't satisfy my creative ambitions.

I even tried my hand at doing a podcast. In January of 2018, I sat down with a few of my friends to review and discuss the highly controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, an experiment that proved to be too much to handle (tip: buy a microphone!). At least my friends and I had fun making it.

So you're now probably wondering why I decided to try my hand at writing a blog. Let me try to explain...

It is now July of 2019, and I've found myself in a very odd position. I am now moving away from social media and instead focusing on the things that make me more happy and content in life...such as writing. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been deleted off of my phone for months. Snapchat still exists for the soul reason of staying in contact with a few people, but besides that, my presence online has dramatically decreased.

Believe me, if I had the opportunity to delete all of my social media profiles, I would. The only problem is just how important communication is through such apps. Think about it - I am connected with roughly 700 other humans from all over the world. 20 years ago, being connected to that many people was nearly impossible. Yet, social media has allowed us to stay together through our phones, computers, and smart technology. Communication is integral and it's needed for my profession of film production and networking.

There's another issue at stake here, too...the ability to communicate. How exactly do you find a way to keep people informed on your everyday adventures and stories without having to scroll through nonsensical posts and videos no one really cares about in the first place? How do you stay connected in a way that is healthy and beneficial to your life goals and interests? I'm incredibly thankful for the power of communication Facebook and Twitter offer...but it's not a platform where I feel comfortable anymore. Little can come out of a platform that is infused with advertising, false portrayal of image, and fake news. So what do you do to stay connected?

I created In Progress as a way to stay connected to my family, friends, and peers, but I also created this project as a way to talk about my thoughts and ideals on life. Provide some insight on the mind of a 20 year old college student from Minnesota, living in a world of immense change and confusion. The blog is called In Progress to inform you, the reader, that there is so much in life that I have not yet figured out. To be a little more personable...and to even make you think about different perspectives and ideas. I'll also be using it to tell you about what I'm up to and how I'm making "progress" on my daily activities. At it's core, this blog is a passion project and nothing more...but I hope that you take something away from it. Maybe have it leave an impact on you - but you can be the judge of that.

I titled this blog post "Alive and Well" to inform you that I, Kyle Odefey, am very much alive and well today. I've been getting a lot of messages asking me what I've been up to recently and where I'm at geographically this summer. Because my social media usage has dwindled, my friends from all over the world have had a pretty tough time catching up with me. Thankfully, I can now get you up to speed!!

First things first, I am interning for an engineering firm in Mankato, MN. The firm - Bolton & Menk - hired me on as a Studio Production Intern in mid-June, after spending my time in a scorching non-AC dormitory at Minnesota State University Moorhead for a month. As an Intern, I work side-by-side with my co-workers to create video content for cities, towns, and settlements all across the Midwest. I have my own office space and have a pretty sweet set up. My hours are incredibly flexible and my co-workers are wonderful. Did I mention the pay is great?? The internship has truly been a wonderful experience. The photo on the right was taken yesterday in Welcome, MN, where I shot a video on Ecological Surveying. Imagine walking around with that on your back for two hours...

I also have been set up to live with a family who owns and operates five different McDonald's restaurants. Rent is free. Free. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Of course, there is the occasional housework to be done, but can you really complain when you live at a house with an outdoor pool, beach house, and home theater system?? It's a miracle.

Thankfully I have a couple of friends out here who have made my trip out to Mankato truly special. This past Tuesday I went to my first live concert with them - the band Death Cab For Cutie at the Mankato Civic Center - and it was truly amazing. Hearing a band you love and adore live is a magical experience. And hearing Benjamin Gibbard play I'll Follow You Into The Dark?? It doesn't get better than that. It was so magical that I had to share the experience on Snapchat. First time I had posted to my story in months. No shame.

Overall, I feel really good. Some of you may have known that this past academic year proved to be a bit strenuous and difficult for me. A lot of things happened that made me feel pretty out of touch with my university and my peers. While the journey proved to be tough, I made my second year at MSUM incredibly valuable and I'm so glad I kept my head held high through thick and thin. My third year in Moorhead approaches this fall and I'm not entirely sure what's going to go down yet. I can only imagine that I will be persistent in everything that I do and make sure I am growing, learning, and thriving.

I'll also be preparing for a semester abroad in the UK and will be taking roughly 20 credits. That's a story for another time, though.

Thanks for reading and checking out my first blog post - I seriously appreciate it. I hope you keep reading and join me on this exciting new ride.

See you next Friday.

- K.O.

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