Here's an in-depth look behind some of our most well-known short films.

The beginning of an era...

"The Space Show (with Phil)" marked the beginning of a new age of storytelling for Kyle Odefey Digital Studios. Initially meant to be a stand-alone short film, "Space Show" became the basis of a series of short films and stories revolving around the quirky-yet-lovable Captain James Stirk.

The return of a legend...

Originally meant to be a prequel to 2015's "The Space Show (with Phil)", "The Adventures of Stirk" became one of Kyle Odefey's best-known short films.

Stuck in a doorway...

Created under MSUM's SoMAD program, "Door Jam" is a quick, comedic short film created by Zach Howatt, Kyle Odefey, and Bethany Goodwin. 

What's next...

Our latest project, "ANTE MERIDIEM", is out now.

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